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18 Must-have tools for basic repairs and maintenance

By Annia Claire Soronio November 20, 2022

Whether you are an experienced repair and maintenance personnel or just doing it yourself for quick home improvement, choosing which tools to use can really get us off track every time. Quick home and equipment repairs should be easily taken care of for continuous function and to avoid costly expenses in the long run.

There’s no need for high-end and complicated house repair tools to get started. After all, basic repairs and maintenance will only need these five types of repair tools, which are divided into 18 different devices, including home improvement.

Types of tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Here are the tools you need for basic repairs and maintenance. They don’t have to be anything fancy, just enough to fix things like broken tiles, loose knobs, some furniture, and fixtures, or some home equipment, such as fixing wires.

Safety gear

Whether doing the most complicated or basic repairs and maintenance, it’s all about safety. Safety gear is the first step in setting yourself up before grabbing your set of hand tools. It makes sure that maintenance personnel is safe when utilizing chemicals and electric equipment. The following safety equipment is a must-have tool for maintenance workers:


Goggles protect the most vulnerable part of your face. When you are drilling wood or cutting something and some bits fly off in your direction, your eyes will be protected.

Goggles - tools for basic repairs and maintenance


Your hands should be protected to avoid injuries, especially when working with adhesives, lubricants, sealants, and cleaning agents.

Gloves - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Safety helmets

Having goggles on is not enough; you need heavy-duty protection to protect your head. One of the most commonly utilized types of PPE is a safety helmet. Safety helmets will shield the maintenance worker’s head against blows to the head and impacts from objects falling from above.

Safety helmets - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Hand tools

Hand tools are commonly portable tools used by maintenance workers in almost all of their ordinary repairs and maintenance work. They are easy to carry around, and they don’t require power sources to function. Here are the most common hand tools for housing repairs and maintenance:


Where one of the most common housing repairs and maintenance involves putting on nails and tightening the grip between wood, it’s no wonder why hammers are essentially a must.

Hammers - tools for basic repairs and maintenance


Using hand tools like screwdrivers, maintenance personnel can easily tighten and remove screws during construction, repair, and assembly.

Screwdrivers - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

If you’re looking for a super-efficient screwdriver on the market today, this SuperScrewDriver is definitely a must-have. It’s a 20-in-one pocket-sized screwdriver with a 1500r/min rotation speed that’s totally a game changer.


If you’re looking to repair your countertops, cabinets, or some wooden furniture in your house, easily replicate its size and shape with the help of SuperGauge. It ditches all the guesswork and improves woodworking or cutting steel with precision.

SuperGauge - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Heavy duty tape

After all that cutting and relieving blockages in your pipes, you need to support them with heavy-duty tape that can quickly attach, seal, fix, or hang large objects. This SuperToughTape is proven to be the best tape when it comes to heavy mounting objects. High temperatures, damp weather, and complete resistance to sun exposure are only a few of the things you can benefit from this tape.

Heavy duty tape - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Power tools

Power tools are accessible tools needed for basic repair and maintenance that need access to electricity and, at some point, test the item’s functionality.

While most electrical maintenance and repairs are typically handled by electricians, certain maintenance specialists can handle smaller electrical repairs. Installation of lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches, as well as light bulb replacement, are examples of this. Some electrical equipment that maintenance workers might utilize includes the following:

Power drills

Power drills are used to drill holes into wood, metal, plastic, and other materials by spinning drill bits inside of them. The power drill can also be used as a sander, polisher, screwdriver, grinder, or countersink with the addition of various accessories.

Goggles - tools and home improvement

This SuperDrill is perfect for accessing difficult-to-reach areas with 42 screw sizes and tightening or loosening screws. Drilling through wood planks is also made easier with this tool.

Handy electric saw

Cutting wood, pipes, or steel is not common when doing ordinary repairs and maintenance. However, ordinary saws can be really heavy and sometimes won’t fit in the bag, not to mention how tiring it is to swing them back and forth.

Super handy electric saw - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

However, if you want to elevate the struggle of carrying huge saws around, this handy SuperSaw will cut any debris and wood in an instant. With an updated 21-volt battery, this tool can last up to 2–3 hours of usage. It has a copper motor, so it doesn't use much power, which makes it very efficient.

Power ratchet wrench

Power ratchet wrenches are designed for heavy-duty work, unlike the traditional ones. It is generally used to extract and tighten smaller nuts and bolts in confined spaces with less torque.

Super ratchet wrench - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

This Super Ratchet has a 12-volt Li-ion battery that enables you to work continuously for an extended period of time without interruptions.

Storage equipment

Protect your tools from losing or forgetting them at any place. Instead, organize them using storage equipment and easily carry them all at once. Here are some of the storage equipment maintenance workers can use to keep their tools and supplies organized:


Toolboxes are handy and portable boxes specifically made for organizing tools that you can easily carry around.

Toolboxes - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Tool Belts

Tool belts are specifically made for transporting tools and carrying them around while you work. As a matter of convenience, tool belts can easily be worn on your waist.

Tool belts - tools for basic repairs and maintenance

Drill carry case and bits

Keep all your drill bits and screw heads in one convenient case that's safe and organized with this SuperDrill Carry Case and Bits. With an ABS carry case, 42 drill bits, and a charging cable flexible bit extension, this will surely make repairs and maintenance easier.

Drill bits and case - ordinary repairs and maintenance

Electrical tools

Electricians normally handle the electrical maintenance and repairs. However, for basic tasks, such as replacing light bulbs and installing plugs, switches, and lighting fixtures, maintenance personnel can do them using the right tools. Here are some of the electrical tools you need for ordinary repairs and maintenance.

Electrical tape

If you’re fixing wires, having electrical tape with you is definitely a no-brainer. The electrical tape prevents electrical current from unintentionally flowing into other wires, which could result in a short circuit or possibly a fire. It insulates materials that conduct electricity.

Electric tape - ordinary repairs and maintenance

Wire and cable strippers

These devices make it possible for maintenance workers and electricians to remove the rubber covering from the exterior of electrical cables.

Cable and wire stripper - ordinary repairs and maintenance


Multimeters are instruments that measure voltage, resistance, and current to examine the efficiency of electrical circuits.

Multimeter - ordinary repairs and maintenance


Maintenance workers can connect wires easily and other electrical parts using crimpers.

Goggles - building repairs and maintenance


Extension wire

When doing electrical work, such as testing a broken appliance after it has been fixed, you may need access to electricity that doesn’t directly connect to the outlet. In this case, you will need an extension wire.

Extension wire - building repairs and maintenance


Final takeaway

Basic repairs and maintenance don’t have to scare you. As long as you have the right tools in your hand and knowledge of basic home repairs and improvements, you can do it with ease. These tools are essential for basic repairs and maintenance, and you can also purchase most of them online from a trusted brand.

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