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8 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Anyone Can Do

8 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Anyone Can Do

The kitchen is perhaps the most important part of the house, where the family gathers, eats together, and talks about their day. It should be inviting and clean, making someone want to enjoy their food during the meal.

However, with busy schedules and no time for cleaning and arranging things, the kitchen can also be the messiest place you can find. Wear and tear, fading paints, broken knobs, and stains are only a few things that damage your kitchen.

Although some of the damages are easily repairable, giving your kitchen, a new look is much better. If you’re wondering what type of kitchen remodeling tips and ideas you can do, read on to find out!

How to prepare for a kitchen remodel?

Preparing for kitchen remodeling is more than just thinking about the overall cost and the ideas you can apply. Here are some things to help you prepare to avoid costly mistakes:

Know your budget

Whether you like it or not, your budget will primarily dictate the limitations you want when remodeling your kitchen. However, since we are only talking about easy kitchen remodeling ideas here, rest assured that it will not hurt your pocket. Having $50-$200 is enough as long as you combine your kitchen extravaganza with resourcefulness.

See if you need help

Are you looking to DIY your kitchen remodeling alone, or will you need an extra hand to help? Identify this step first, so you can notify the other person to free up their schedule and assist you with painting or installing new countertop knobs.

Gather your materials

Prepare everything you'll need to remodel your kitchens, such as safety gear, paint brushes, gloves, a hammer, screwdrivers, and cleaning tools. Maintain as much organization as possible to avoid delays and tool misplacement.

List out the things that you want to remodel

Take a ten-minute look at your kitchen and list the things you want to remodel. Is the countertop in need of new paint? Does your lighting need a modern look? Is your faucet in need of a change?

Decide how long should your kitchen remodeling will take

Since you’ve decided to do your own kitchen remodeling, it’s not only the budget you should be concerned about but also your time. Examine your schedule and determine how much time you can devote to working with your kitchen and how many days it will last. If you have less time to offer, asking a friend to help would be a good decision.

8 easy and super actionable kitchen remodeling ideas

Here are eight super actionable kitchen remodeling tips and ideas for anyone.

1. Design wide spaces for mobility

The kitchen shouldn’t feel like a prison with only a tiny space available to move. It should have at least 36 inches wide paths, and the cooking zone should be 48 inches wide for a two-cook setup and 42 inches wide for a one-cook setup. Plan your kitchen islands and peninsulas appropriately, leaving yourself enough room to move around.

Kitchen with wide spaces for easy mobility.

The best way to do this is, of course, to rearrange your cabinets and dining table and utilize every space near the wall. You can also remove unnecessary kitchen cabinets or storage that’s taking up so much space.

2. Invest in compatible kitchen lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Try to get natural lighting as much as possible, especially if your kitchen is by the window. However, if natural lighting isn’t possible, invest in modern lighting installations that complement the kitchen’s theme.

Kitchen with compatible lighting.

3. Play with colors

Painting is still the best and most straightforward way to improve your home and remodel your kitchen. Additionally, playing with paint colors means discovering new color palettes that you'd never thought would be perfect for the new look of your kitchen. Ensure that the contrast between light and dark is there to emphasize details.

Play with paints and color your kitchen to add details and enhance the overall aesthetic.


4. Break up cabinetry blocks

Avoid using bland and heavy cabinet blocks that take up so much space and are prone to collecting dust. Instead, you can put in the glass to make it easy to see your favorite kitchen items hidden behind the countertops. Plus, glass is known to be lighter, easier to clean, and more aesthetic.

Break up cabinetry blocks when remodeling your kitchen.

5. Consider installing the latest kitchen technology

Achieve that modern kitchen look by installing the latest kitchen technology. Not only for aesthetic purposes, the latest kitchen technology, such as digital air fryers or 3-in-1 food processors, also makes cooking quick and efficient.

Consider installing the latest kitchen technology.


6. Invest in a matching and dedicated kitchen flooring

Don’t dedicate all your time to the countertops and cabinetries, but mind the flooring too. Most of the time, they can be the most damaged part of the kitchen. Broken tiles, rotten wood, and fading colors are only a few of the things that makes your flooring ugly. To fix it, you can add a floor mat or vinyl flooring, or if you have a bit of time or resources to invest, replacing tiles can be a good option for long-lasting use.

Invest in a matching and dedicated kitchen flooring.


7. Add a kitchen island

The kitchen island is all about utilizing the space efficiently. It creates an illusion of a closed space while stuffing your favorite pan, plates, and knives behind. There’s no need to get a separate cabinet for your kitchen utensils and sacrifice your space when you can do some tricks by adding a kitchen island.

Add a kitchen island when remodeling the kitchen.

8. Install advanced stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances are known for their durability and tensile strength, making the kitchen look modern. With stainless steel, you’ll also save time from cleaning and repairs in the long run.

Install advanced stainless steel appliances when remodeling the kitchen.


Here are some FAQs for remodeling your kitchen that might help you further.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Most professionals agree that the cabinets are usually the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. You should expect to pay up to $15,000 on average for it. Such a sum typically makes up the lion's share of a homeowner's budget.

Additionally, according to industry standards, you should only spend at most 10% of the value of your home on kitchen renovations. So, if your home’s value is $250,000, and the 10% is $25,000. That means you shouldn’t spend more than $25,000. However, you don’t have to spend that much when you know your way around kitchen remodeling.

Do you need a permit to remodel your kitchen?

The best answer to this question that most experts can agree to is to check first with your city government. In addition, you should only need a construction permit if you make major structural alterations, like taking down or adding any interior or exterior walls, or if the remodeling or renovation projects exceed $5,000.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

For a kitchen of moderate size, replacement projects take 2–8 weeks, while larger kitchen remodeling projects, like wall removals, structural alterations, and floor plan reconfigurations, take longer.

However, our projects here are designed for quick remodeling projects. So, 2-4 weeks is enough to give your kitchen a lift.

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Final Thoughts

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you know your goals. Simply gather your tools and see if you can apply any of the kitchen remodeling tips and ideas mentioned above to your kitchen. It’s designed for anybody to give your kitchen a lift of aesthetics and functionality.

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