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Best Father's Day Tools for the Handy Dad

Best Father's Day Tools for the Handy Dad

When it comes to Father's Day, you want to get your dad something he'll actually use. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get the right gift. However, if your dad's a handyman, things just got much easier! Every handy dad will love convenient tools that make housework simple and painless.

Take some time to think about previous and current DIY projects and housework your dad's been busy with. Once you have some ideas in mind, it'll make shopping for gifts a breeze. Here are some great tools to consider getting for Father's Day.

Organize your dad's tools

Before we get into the tools your dad might like, a great gift to consider is organizing your dad's current tools, wherever they are. Most dads will store their tools in the shed or basement. Others will have different tools lying all over the place. Also, just because tools are in a room doesn't mean they're organized.

See if you can group similar tools, add labels, and rearrange everything to make the storage room nice and neat. This will make it easier for your dad to look for specific tools, throw out anything useless, and replace anything if needed. It'll also make it easier for others in the home to access the tools as well! So, you can think of this as a family gift, even though it's primarily for your hardworking dad.


The SuperGauge is one of our specialty tools that allows you to replicate any shape perfectly. It's the perfect gift for Father's day because of how versatile and convenient the tool is. With the SuperGauge, you're able to create accurate and reliable templates in seconds, which can save hours of time! Tell Dad he can finally say goodbye to spending countless hours on frustrating guesswork and re-dos.

If your dad currently uses a large number of measuring tools, he'll absolutely love what the SuperGauge can do. It's one of the easiest, fastest, and most accurate tools on the market. Simply press the tooth of the tool against any object to match the contour, and then track or trace the shape onto any material. 


Handy man tools for Father's Day

The SuperSocket is another specialty tool that allows you to unscrew any bolt with ease. Regardless if you're working with bolts, nuts, wings, or hooks, the tool can manage them all. Your dad will love the SuperSocket because of its practicality. He will never have to carry a bunch of small tools to unscrew various bolts again. This makes repairs, home renovations, carpentry, and other household work painless!

There are 54 alloy steel rods in the compact design, which allows the tool to fit more fasteners compared to others. It even comes with a drill adapter to attach to various power drills and ratchet wrenches--making it easy to grip hex nuts,  hooks, eye and lag screws, and bolt heads. The SuperSocket's sure to bring a smile to  Dad's face.


Handy man tools for Father's Day

A chainsaw is one essential tool for the DIY dad. They're the best for cutting through trees, branches, and logs, especially if you're looking to make some firewood. The SuperSaw is one of our power tools. It's an ultra-powerful upgraded version of the chainsaw! We've turned what used to be a bulky, heavy, and difficult to handle tool into something far more practical. 

The Supersaw runs for 2-3 hours on an electric motor. In that time, you’ll get all the tree chopping power of a gas chainsaw but without the cost, bulky size, or maintenance. The saw's incredible power is just one of its greatest features. It's also the lightweight and compact design that makes the SuperSaw the perfect power tool. Your dad can finally take it easy from having to haul around heavy tools that wear down quickly.


Best handy man tool for Father's day

There's nothing worse than thinking about your dad accidentally hurting himself in the dark. Even if your dad is an experienced handyman, accidents still happen, especially in the dark. You can help your dad stay protected by wearing our SuperGloves with built-in LED lights. Our gloves have two super-bright LED lights pointing from the index finger and thumb. Now, you can shine bright lights in hard-to-reach areas. This makes working in the dark significantly safer.

You can pair this up with a hard hat with lights, such as the one from Klein Tools. It comes with a rechargeable headlamp. So, if your dad works in the dark, this is the perfect protective hat that'll also help him see in darker places. There aren't any messy straps, unlike attachable headlamps. The hat is essentially a 2-in-1 for protection and vision. It's breathable and comes with an odor-resistant sweatband.


Best handy man tool for Father's day

Many household jobs require tape. But not just any tape, something that's extremely tough. Your dad will appreciate our SuperToughTape as it's strong and reusable. You heard it right, the tape's reusable! This means you can apply the tape wherever you need, remove it, wash it, and then reuse it. It's great for jobs where you need to hold something together temporarily.

You can also use the tape to hold up items around the home, such as toiletry items, keys, and phones. Place the tape on any surface, stick an item to it, then take the item off when you need it. Rather than drilling holes in your wall, you can use the SuperToughTape to hold up many things around the home. Be careful to not use the tape on walls with paint, drywall, or other painted surfaces as it may come off from the tape's grip.

Dewalt Max Cordless Drill

Handy drill as a Father's day gift

This cordless drill delivers a powerful 300 unit watts out (UWO). It makes jobs like hanging shelves and assembling furniture much easier than using a screwdriver or hammer. The drill also has multiple speeds of up to 1,500 RPM, so you don't have to worry about stripping screws when drilling holes through metal.

The drill comes with a handy carry bag and is very compact. It only weighs 3.64 lbs, making it easy to carry around. The handle is ergonomic, which makes it comfortable to hold during long working sessions. If your dad spends lots of time on housework, he'll definitely appreciate this power tool. 

Little Giant Ladder

Handy ladder as a Father's day gift

One tool every dad should have on hand is a good old-fashioned ladder that can fold away. Check the condition of your dad's current ladder. Does it look stable and durable? Does it extend high enough for him to get to certain places? If not, this extending ladder is the perfect Father's Day gift. Weighing in at 32 lbs, the Little Giant ladder can hold up to 300 lbs!

There are wheels at the bottom of the legs that make it easy to haul around--so you don't have to worry about your dad carrying it. The ladder can lock into various positions, which makes it a versatile tool for numerous applications. Of course, we can't forget about safety. The ladder meets all OSHA and ANSI standards, so it's reliable. You can purchase the ladder from 13 feet to 26 feet, which should be tall enough for every household activity.

KIMO Cordless Nail Gun

Nail Gun as a Father's day gift

A nail gun is great for quick work and building things like fences, decks, and chicken coops. It's also great for molding, building furniture, and frame trimming. Don't forget about attaching shingles to your roof in the fall-- a nail gun will come in handy. Your dad likely owns a nail gun, probably old, and still uses a cord. The KIMO nail gun is cordless, which eliminates the need for air compressors, hoses, and costly gas cartridges.

It's compact, allowing you to use both the nailing and stapling feature simultaneously. With one full battery charge, the nail gun can fire up to 1,400 nails with a 20V battery. Weighing less than 6 lbs, it'll be a breeze for your dad to handle the tool. Another convenient feature is the LED lights that can make it easier to see in darker places.

Dewalt Circular Saw

Circular saw as a Father's day gift

This is another popular Dewalt product that your dad will love. Circular saws are great for building things like decks and fences. It can also cut through thick pieces of wood with ease! Like most Dewalt tools, their circular saw is also lightweight, weighing in at 8.8 lbs. It's much lighter than most of its competitors.

It's another compact tool with a durable design that allows for smooth and accurate cutting. If your dad is very precise with his work, he'll admire what this Dewalt saw has to offer. The saw delivers a powerful 1,950 max watts out and 5,100 RPM, which is top of its class among other circular saws.

Depending on the type of projects your dad works on, he may prefer a Dewalt miter saw instead of their circular saw. Miter saws allow you to make quick and accurate cuts from different angles using various types of blades--great for things like picture frames and window casings. They're also used to make square cuts on materials such as wood and lumber. Dewalt's miter saw has a speed of 4,000 RPM, but you must plug in it to operate.

Craftsman 100 Piece Drill and Driving Kit

Drill and driving kit as a Father's day gift

Every dad needs a drill and driving kit. If you check your dad's tools right now, you'll probably find cases of these kits lying around. He likely bought multiple cases because each one didn't have exactly what he was looking for. That's why you should consider the Craftsman 100 piece kit. As the title suggests, it comes with 100 pieces!

There are 22 drill bits, 3 drill stops, 1 allen key, 3 spade bits, 9 nut drivers, 61 driver bits, and 1 stubby screw drive. All packed within a folding case that's easy to carry around. Your dad should be able to find everything he needs in this kit, including all standard and most non-standard bits for various household projects. This drill kit will also last a long time because you can replace the ones that are worn out rather than getting an entirely new kit.

NoCry Safety Glasses

Safety glasses as a Father's day gift

In addition to a safety hat and gloves, your handy dad should also wear safety glasses. Not just any pair, but one that doesn't fog up, never slips, and provides UV protection. That's why we're recommending these NoCry safety glasses. It comes with all those features to make household work much safer. The non-slip and anti-fog features are incredibly valuable. Taking one hand off from the task on hand to readjust or clear your glasses can be hazardous, even for just a moment.

The frames are also made of durable polycarbonate, designed to stand potential threats to the eyes from woodworking, construction, and other household work. Safety glasses are also essential to wear because they protect against dust particles, leading to asthma, allergies, and other potential health conditions.

ZOTA 2 Piece Carpenter Square

Carpenter square as a Father's day gift

A carpenter square is a handy tool for layout work, such as bricking, paving stone, lumbering, and laminating. It will help your dad ensure his lines are always straight and even, making the finished product look perfect. You can also use the square to help with measurements when cutting boards down to size. It's a lot more functional than your average ruler. ZOTA's carpenter square also comes with an L-shaped square.

If you plan on getting a carpenter square for your dad, you should also pair it with a tape measure and a level. A level is a tool used to ensure a surface is perfectly horizontal or vertical. We found a multi-functional tool from Prexiso that is a 2-in-1 tape measure and level. It actually uses a laser measure that you can read from the display. Very convenient and practical!

Dewalt Orbit Sander

Dewalt Orbit Sander as a Father's day gift

Yet another Dewalt tool on the list; the Dewalt Orbit Sander is a palm sander. It comes equipped with an electric motor that needs to be plugged in. It pretty much works like an electric sander that removes the rough surface of whatever material you're working on, so it's a great tool for smoothing!

The Dewalt palm sander spins at an incredible 12,000 OPM but operates with reduced vibrations--making it comfortable to handle. It's also 3.4 lbs, so your dad will have an easy time using the machine. The sander's designed to collect dust while running, which is great to keep things tidy. If your dad is looking for higher grit paper, you can get the Dewalt Orbit Sander in 80, 120, or 220 grit paper.


Neck Fan as a Father's day gift

This one is a little different. On top of getting your dad some fantastic tools, why not get something that will help cool him off while he's working? This JISULIFE fan goes around the neck and operates as a portable fan. There are three cooling levels which last from 4-16 hours, depending on the level.

Despite being able to run for so long, the fan fully charges within four hours. However, if your dad works for longer than four hours usually, consider getting a second fan he could swap to when the first dies out. This is the perfect gift to get for Father's Day if your dad tends to work in hot places where the air conditioner doesn't reach. He could also use the fan casually, even when he's not working on DIY projects or housework.


Depending on your budget and what your dad would like the most, consider getting more than one of these handy tools. They'll be the perfect addition to your dad's toolkit, making this Father's Day a memorable one.

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