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Top 6 Quick Home Improvement Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast in 2023

Top 6 Quick Home Improvement Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast in 2023

Are you planning on selling your home quickly in 2023? The real estate market has always had fierce competition. It’s not enough to do the bare minimum. You need to invest time and effort to attract homebuyers and close that deal as quickly as possible.

While home improvement and renovation projects are generally expensive and time-consuming, let’s look at some exceptions to the rule.

If you aim to sell your house for top dollar, continue reading this blog for the best and quickest home improvement tricks that can get you ahead of the game.

1. Enhance your curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice. Usually, first impressions last. Whatever they see the first time, whether in photos or in person, is sometimes enough to make a decision.

Enhance your curb appeal for a quick home improvement project to sell your home for a top dollar.


Landscaping is the first thing you need to look at to enhance your curb appeal. See if your lawn and trees need a trim to match the house's overall aesthetic. If your lawn is in pretty bad shape, you might want to install new sod to boost curb appeal and make a lasting impression on potential homebuyers. Also, cut some branches from the trees to clear any debris.

Materials and tools needed:

- Garden scissors to cut off shrubs and stem

- Some paints

- Lawn mower

The SuperSaw for cutting logs

2. Paint your front door or get a new one

It’s already proven that neutral paint colors such as black, gray, and brown are all-time favorites that appeal to most homebuyers. Navy blue and red paint, on the other hand, also make your door stand out.

Paint your front door or get a new one as your DIY home improvement project to help sell your home fast.

Additionally, if you are thinking of painting your home's interior and exterior, you can also rely on neutral color mixes to give you a boost. Just ensure that the contrast fits together and that important details are highlighted.

Here are some of the best neutral colors to get you started with House Beautiful.

Materials and tools needed:

- Paints

- Paint brushes

- Gloves

- Thinner

3. Get creative and crafty with your furniture

Your home furniture is among the most worn-out thing in place. However, there’s no need to break the bank to get new ones. All you need to do is get creative and crafty using the resources you have or at your favorite hardware.

Get creative and crafty with your furniture by painting it, reupholstering it, and adding pattern designs using contact papers.

Here are some things you can do to get your tired and boring furniture the makeover it deserves for a decade:

- Furniture painting

- Reupholstering

- Designing patterns or detailing using contact papers

Materials and tools needed:

- Cutter/Scissors

- Fabrics or covers for reupholstering

- Using adhesive contact papers for design

- Glue

4. Install some latest technology

Nothing is more attractive than a house with the latest technology—be it by the door with voice or face recognition, AI switches, or the latest kitchen appliance upgrades to ease cooking. Installing technology may be a bit costly, but achieving that modern home look that most homebuyers would want to buy will be worth it.

Install some of the latest home technology to make your house look modern and attractive to homebuyers.

Materials and tools needed:


Super wristband


5. Shine the tile and grout

Stained tiles and dark grouts are big turn-offs for homebuyers. Cleaning the floor helps a little by removing dirt, but it won't get you very far. Make your tile look as good and shiny as it did on day one by following the approved tub and tile refinishing kit and following the instructions.

Shining the tile and grout is one of the easy home improvement projects you can do.

It’s the most efficient way to do a floor makeover without replacing the tiles.

Materials and tools needed:

- Brush

- Sponge

- Dedicated tile and grout cleaning kit

- Pale with water with tile cleaning solution

6. Update your fixtures and repair your light switches

Homebuyers will always play with your faucets, open cabinets, and switches. If one of the switches doesn't work, it might give them the impression that your house has electrical problems. While your homebuyer's imagination can go a long way in imagining your house's flaws, sometimes all you need to do is fix or replace that switch.

Update your fixtures and repair your light switches. This is an easy DIY home improvement tip you can do to sell your home for cash fast.

Additionally, replace burnt-out bulbs that appear to have not been cleaned in a long time with a more modern lighting design. Take care of your cabinet knobs, ceiling fans, cupboards, and plasters, too, to make everything look perfect.

Materials and tools needed:


Super wristband


- Hammer and nails

Final thoughts

If you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar, you’ve got to make the efforts needed. Thankfully, there are quick home improvement tricks to guide you and help you achieve your goal. Simply gather the materials and tools needed and proceed with your DIY home improvement. You can also ask for a helping hand and make it a wonderful quality time together.

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