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DIY Review: Can This New $24 'Super Socket' Really Replace an Entire Toolbox?

The SuperSocket is truly a game-changer! It has over 12,000 5-Star Reviews!

April 04 2021 at 9:17 am EDT | Sponsored by SuperBrandTools

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about SuperSocket that's making everyone want one?

Note: You'll probably NEVER want to use your old socket wrench set again!

People usually want TVs, video games, the latest phones, and must-have electronics. But when waves of consumers started clamoring for this crazy new tool, analysts everywhere were scratching their heads, askingā€¦


Consumers all over want to get their hands on the SuperSocket as a gift, or for themselves. Even kids!

Leonā€™s Story: "It's Changed The Way I Work Forever"

Leon Taylor is a 'Do-It-Yourself' buff. When he wrote-in about his experience with the incredible new tool, we couldn't help but include it. Here's his story about the SuperSocket:

"Just last week, I remember looking down at my toolbox. Frustrated beyond belief. I PLANNED to change my car's oil over the weekend. But after an hour of setting up, buying the oil, I checked my tool box... And of course my 10mm socket was missing.

When working on cars or handling a home project,: Finding the right tool for every size bolt is the WORST Part. Something's always missing. Hours are wasted searching for the right size; and trips back to the hardware store are common.

It turns out that I'm not the only one that has had this problem. Mechanics, Carpenters and Do-It-Yourselfers around the world can agree: Finding the right size wrench or adapter when you need it is IMPOSSIBLE to do when you're constantly switching tools.

In fact, kneeling on the hard concrete and digging through the toolbox is THE MOST time-consuming and frustrating task in home improvement, auto-repair, and more.

It left me wondering: "Why do we HAVE to have 100+ tools anyways? I mean, we have self-driving cars, but no easy solution for unscrewing a bolt?

What happened next, completely caught me by surprise.

After venting to my wife about the problem, a package showed up at our doorstep. She got me a new tool called the SuperSocket. Since then, it's completely changed the way I work.

I've been able to go from working in the garage, to fixing a leaking faucet, to assembling a new piece of furniture. All with ONE tool that can literally fit in my pocket. It's amazing!"

And Leon's story isn't the only one. Thousands of people are buying the SuperSocket for their friends and family.

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about the SuperSocket that's making everyone want one?

Who would've thought a hand-tool would become the best selling product of the year?

The company "Superbrand Tools" started creating huge waves on social media and in the news with their latest innovation called the SuperSocket. Since then, they've sold out three times, and amassed over 12,000 5-star reviews!

Below are some of the SuperSocket's game changing benefits that make it one of the most popular products of the year.

The SuperSocket will give you the power to accomplish ANY project, without hundreds of expensive tools!

Ever imagine what it would be like to confidently approach any home project without wondering if you had the right tools? Or better yet, to accomplish that project faster than ever without ever having to change sizes? Well, with the SuperSocket you donā€™t have to imagine it.

The SuperSocket uses a revolutionary new "Auto-adjusting" design which makes the anxiety of lost or missing tools a thing of the past. The SuperSocket has 54 stainless-steel rods that adjust and grip virtually any size bolt or nut; leaving you with less stress and more completed projects!

The SuperSocket is incredibly versatile, it'll fit on any socket wrench or power drill you have laying around at home, so you can use it right out of the box! Ā 

With a SuperSocket, you won't start anymore projects just to realize you can't find the right size. You can just grab the SuperSocket and breeze through any project that comes your way.

You'll get projects done faster with less effort than ever before!

You'll start getting projects done faster, without ever having to change socket wrench sizes! The highly durable spring-loaded steel rods, form to fit any shape. Because of this, you can go from one size bolt to another without giving a second-thought to the size.

With a traditional socket set, simple tasks can feel like a chore. First, you have to lug the bulky set out of the garage. Then spend far too much time digging through 225 pieces, trying to find the right socket size. That's why so many people are switching to theĀ SuperSocket.Ā It makes home projects easier and faster. Thatā€™s because it uses a new design that can instantly adjust to grip over 100 different sizes!

So, next time you need to get a project done fast? Just grab them SuperSocket and push it up against the bolt. Then watch it instantly grip the shape!Ā 

You'll save time, money, and garage space!

The average toolset contains 225 pieces. These are the 'traditional' toolsets the big tool companies have convinced us that we need to own.

But, how many of those sizes will you actually use on a regular basis? One, two? The big tool companies desperately want you to think you need all of these tools because it makes them more money.

The SuperSocket's revolutionary design allows it to grip the same 225 sizes of the traditional set, plus more! It provides all of the functionality of these traditional toolsets at a fraction of the size and cost.

With a SuperSocket, you'll have less pieces to keep track of, more money in the bank, and more free time.

It fits on any ratchet wrench or power drill!

The SuperSocket is naturally versatile. The way the tool is made allows it to quickly attach to any ratchet wrench or power drill. It even comes with a power drill adapter in every box! Having to buy just one product that attaches to tools you already own saves you big.

Say goodbye to the constant headache of replacing lost tools and digging through old tool boxes.

"Where has this been all my life? My garage is filled with thousands of name brand tools, most of which I rarely use. Lately I've been using the SuperSocket for everything and it really does save time. I got one for my daughters car as well." -Ā Daniel T.

And it's built tough!

Most traditional Socket Sets are rated to handle 120 pounds of torque. Most of the other leading brand tool sets are too. And many of them are from China. So, who knows what they can really handle?

Who wants lug around a heavy briefcase every time you need to handle a small job? The SuperSocket is forged from 100% stainless-steel, and it's rated to handle up to 125 pounds of torque! Which is comparable to most traditional socket sets, in a fraction of the size!

Itā€™s also the best traveling companion.

Why sacrifice your peace of mind while traveling? Bring your SuperSocket with you anywhere your go! Put it in your pocket, backpack, or keep it in your car's glove compartment. Get the same benefits of a large toolbox without the size, inconvenience or strain on your back. Be prepared in case of a roadside emergency but without keeping hundreds of dollars of tools in your car!

It makes gifting easy!

Imagine giving a loved-one the gift of "less work"? Whether you're gifting it to yourself or if you need a the perfect gift for your Handyman Dad, DIYer Mom, or Car-Loving Grandson... this is it! Theyā€™ve probably never used a tool quite like this before, and when they do? They'll be thanking you for months as they save hundreds of dollars that would have been spent replacing lost tools. Plus, they'll save hundreds of hours work this year that would have been spent digging through toolboxes trying to find the right size socket.

Everyone loves the SuperSocket...

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their SuperSocket:

"I'm a interior decorator and I love this product. Part of the job is actually setting up staging, assembling furniture and hanging frames. Not only does it make my job easier but I'm actually spending less time doing the work and more time doing what I love. My husband hasn't seen it yet so I'm going to buy 2 more for Christmas šŸŽ„ gifts šŸŽ for him!" -Ā Linda

"... slap me silly! It totally works! It completes our set of tools and is easy to use. When you hold it it's obvious it's a high quality product, you can feel the weight of the metal."-Ā Taylor

"As directed, put it on a drill or, the ratchet that comes in the package. Push against a shape. Watch it adjust to grip! I got the set for my dad for father's day and noticed that he keeps it on his power drill. So happy to be able to get him some he actually wanted." - Chris

"After receiving mine I just had to order some more as gifts. Itā€™s durable and most importantly, it's actually super useful. I'm not really a 'tool guy' but I just used it when changing the oil on my car and worked great. -Ā Dustin

"At first, I was pretty skeptical. Like if it's really that good, why haven't I heard of it. But after a few weeks, I've used it a few times I have to say its actually worth it. For 99% of people, it can easily do the majority of tasks you need it for. Glad I bought it. Planning on getting a backup to keep in my car in a few weeks." - Johnathan W

"Worked surprisingly well, had a stripped but that I couldnā€™t get off. A little soaking and the universal socket and off it came, shocked how good it worked." -Ā Rob W

"Work perfectly. Love this tool! Great for when you don't feel like looking for a socket wrench and small projects. I wouldn't use for big projects but it's handy. I'll be buying an extra for around the house." -Ā Christen F

"Love it. I bought 2 and gave one to my Dad. He loves it too and asked me I could buy him more!!" -Ā Natalia

"Every toolbox needs one of these. I use mine regularly and it seems sturdy enough for regular jobs if you wanted to use it for that purpose." -Ā Erica

"I had a garden cart I wanted to put together and my grandson said "when he got the time" he'd do it. The project required a variety of sockets and since I'm a female senior citizen, I don't own a variety of tools. I unpacked the cart and reviewed the You Tube video of how to put it together... I didn't need an entire socket set. I remembered seeing the Supersocket in an ad on social media. It is WONDERFUL and I had no issue at all switching between the various bolts sizes needed to put this bad boy together. Thank you so much for giving me more independence." -Ā Carol

"My dad does cabinetry work and I bought him the bundle for a birthday gift. I asked him how he likes it and he said it's awesome and that he uses it on a power drill all the time." -Ā Austin

"My sons love them. They made a great stocking stuffer for Christmas." -Ā Mary

Itā€™s easy to see why the SuperSocket is becoming one of the must-have gifts of 2021.

Where can you get the SuperSocket?

The SuperSocket and SuperSocket Bundles are onlt sold on their websiteĀ However right now they are offering a one-time-only 50% discount on their own site.

*Update:Ā Ever since the SuperSocket 100% stainless-steel tool was featured Fox and USA Today affiliates, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 100,000 units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 100% money back guarantee and are extending their one-time discount of 50% off and free shipping.

PLEASEĀ NOTE:Ā As a special introductory online exclusive sale, the company is now offeringĀ 50% Off + Free Shipping to all new customers.

This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

Plus, if you arenā€™t totally happy with your SuperSocket, return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

The SuperSocket's have received a lot of publicity so we suggest taking full advantage of their limited time sale by buying more than one.

Please check their site to see if stock is currently available.

Check Availability

Click the link above to see if SuperBrand Tools is still offering a 50% discount on the product.

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